GDCTA Awards Gala, presented by Merial, makers of UlcerGuard(tm) and Zimecterin Gold(tm), 1/26/2008
Photos by Brad Thatcher,


GK7F0001 GK7F0003 GK7F0004 GK7F0006 GK7F0006nfe
GK7F0006nfe5x5 GK7F0007 GK7F0008 GK7F0012 GK7F0013
GK7F0017 GK7F0018 GK7F0019 GK7F0020 GK7F0021
GK7F0022 GK7F0023 GK7F0025 GK7F0026 GK7F0032
GK7F0033 GK7F0034 GK7F0038 GK7F0040 GK7F0041
GK7F0049 GK7F0051 GK7F0057 GK7F0062 GK7F0073
GK7F0143 GK7F0145 GK7F0157 GK7F0159 GK7F0166
GK7F0168 GK7F0244 GK7F0247 GK7F0250 GK7F0253
GK7F0254 GK7F0255 GK7F0258 GK7F0260 GK7F0261
GK7F0263 GK7F0264 GK7F0266