GDCTA Awards Gala, presented by Merial, makers of UlcerGuard(tm) and Zimecterin Gold(tm), 1/26/2008
Photos by Brad Thatcher,


GK7F0066 copy GK7F0068 copy GK7F0072 GK7F0077 copy GK7F0078 copy
GK7F0079 copy GK7F0080 copy GK7F0081 copy GK7F0082 copy GK7F0083 copy
GK7F0085 copy GK7F0086 copy GK7F0087 copy GK7F0090 copy GK7F0090e1
GK7F0092 copy GK7F0093 copy GK7F0094 copy GK7F0096 copy GK7F0097 copy
GK7F0098 copy GK7F0099 copy GK7F0100 copy GK7F0101 copy GK7F0103 copy
GK7F0105 copy GK7F0106 copy GK7F0107 copy GK7F0109 copy GK7F0110 copy
GK7F0111 copy GK7F0112 copy GK7F0115 copy GK7F0116 copy GK7F0118 copy
GK7F0119 copy GK7F0121 copy GK7F0123 copy GK7F0124 copy GK7F0125 copy
GK7F0126 copy GK7F0127 copy GK7F0128 copy GK7F0130 copy GK7F0131 copy
GK7F0132 copy GK7F0133 copy GK7F0135 copy GK7F0136 copy GK7F0137 copy
GK7F0138 copy GK7F0139 copy GK7F0142 copy GK7F0147 copy GK7F0150 copy
GK7F0151 copy GK7F0154 copy GK7F0155 copy GK7F0156 copy GK7F0169 copy
GK7F0170 copy GK7F0174 copy GK7F0176 copy GK7F0177 copy GK7F0178 copy
GK7F0180 copy GK7F0181 copy GK7F0182 copy GK7F0184 copy GK7F0185 copy
GK7F0186 copy GK7F0188 copy GK7F0190 copy GK7F0191 copy GK7F0192 copy
GK7F0194 copy GK7F0196 copy GK7F0198 copy GK7F0200 copy GK7F0201 copy
GK7F0204 copy GK7F0206 copy GK7F0207 copy GK7F0209 copy GK7F0211 copy
GK7F0218 copy GK7F0220 copy GK7F0221 copy GK7F0223 copy GK7F0225 copy
GK7F0228 copy GK7F0230 copy GK7F0231 copy GK7F0233 copy GK7F0235
GK7F0237 copy GK7F0238 copy