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A solid performer, after 2 years of service this
 Applewood Automatic Watering System 
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Freeze Proof: A self regulating heating element keeps the bowl and valve of the Applewood Watering System above freezing at all times. Because of its solid state design, the heating element supplies just the right amount of heat to keep the water bowl from freezing. No more and no less. There is no thermostat to wear out or get stuck. Built into the bowl itself, the heating element never contacts the water so it never needs cleaning and is completely protected.

Horse Proof: Made of cast iron and heavy stainless steel, the Applewood Watering System is built to withstand the harsh environment of being in a stall with a horse day after day. There are no parts to come loose or get lost.

Reliable: When the horse drinks, he presses a stainless steel paddle with his nose to add more water to the bowl. There are no floats to get stuck. It works fine with high or low water pressure and the large valve opening effectively resists clogging.

Easy to Clean: The water is always fresh, so it doesnít get all that dirty in the first place. The gentle round shape of the bowl makes it easy to clean. One good wipe with a big sponge is usually all that is needed. For a quick cleaning, a fast swipe with a handful of hay works well too.

Safe: Solidly bolted to the stall wall, the Applewood Watering System presents nothing but smooth round edges to the horse. All water lines and electric parts are completely protected. Because the solid state heating element is self regulated, only those areas requiring heat are heated. There are no hot spots and very little electricity is used. The heating element itself is UL and CSA (Canada) listed. The water valve is an anti-siphoning design that maintains the integrity of the clean water supply.

No Problems: The Applewood Automatic Watering System is a design that always works, day after day. This watering system was developed specifically to eliminate the problems found with most typical automatic watering stations.

Common Automatic Watering Problems:

Problems with thermostats: Thermostats are little mechanical electric switches that most watering stations use to control the heating element, typically immersed in the water bowl. When the water gets cold the thermostat switches on the heater. Then, when the water gets warm enough, the thermostat switches off the heater. This on and off cycle repeats all the time, maintaining the water temperature above freezing. The problem is that they eventually wear out and get stuck either in the ON or OFF position. Either way itís a big problem because when it's stuck ON, there is too much heat, the water gets too hot, and eventually there can be a fire hazard. Stuck OFF, there's no heat to protect the water from freezing, so there's no water for the horses and maybe a flood in the stable later on. There are no thermostats in the Applewood Automatic Watering System.

Problems with parts: Automatic watering stations with parts that come off for cleaning or maintenance can be a real headache in a professional stable. Invariably, they don't get put back properly and become an amusement for the horse to play with. Eventually, parts are lost or damaged. The moving parts associated with floats and valves can get clogged with dirt and the slime formed from dissolved hay and feed. There are no removable parts in the Applewood Automatic Watering Systems.

Problems with Floats: Floats rely on the buoyancy of the float itself to keep the water valve closed. Floats in automatic watering stations are like the floats in common toilet tanks, only much smaller. Because the float is so small, it can't exert much force to operate a valve. In order to work, the valve must be a tiny one that can be operated by the float. The tiny valve has 2 problems of its own. It can only work with low water line pressure and it has a tiny opening that can easily get clogged by debris in the water line. The small float and the associated moving parts can easily get jammed by a small piece of hay or straw. Depending on which way the float is jammed, there is either no water for the horse or a flood in the stall. There are no floats in the Applewood Automatic Watering System.

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Available Configurations


Water / Electrical Connections

Water / Elec. Line Length

Electrical Connection



From below

3 feet

Hardwire pigtail



From above

6 feet

Hardwire pigtail







where N=number of feet extra length

Extra water/electrical line length



4 foot electric cord with 3 prong plug.






HE-n-HW, where n=number of feet of heating element

General purpose separate heating element to protect other piping from freezing. Useful for overhead installations.

Hard wire pigtail


HE-n-PG, where n=number of feet of heating element

4 ft electric cord with 3 prong plug

$4.15/ft plus $8.50

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know how much water my horse drinks? Many horse owners like the feeling that when they fill their horses' water buckets, they know he has been drinking. This is true and it's reassuring. However, there is a potentially greater benefit of knowing that your horse always has a supply of fresh clean water. In the long run, having an unlimited supply of fresh clean water all the time is better than empty, frozen, or dirty buckets of water some of the time.

Can I install the Applewood Automatic Watering System myself? Yes. The watering systems are relatively easy to install. You have to drill holes and use the nuts and bolts supplied to mount it to the wall. They do require a simple water line and electrical hookup, so make sure you get the necessary trained help in those areas. Technical installation support is available.

I don't have water lines running to my stalls already. Can I still install Applewood Automatic Watering Systems? Yes. One way is to run the waterlines underground around the outside of the stable, and mount the watering system on the stall wall that faces the outside. Each station would have its own connection to the buried waterline outside. Alternatively, the water lines can be run inside the barn, above the stalls. Since they are subject to freezing, these waterlines can be protected with the same heating element used in the Applewood Automatic Watering System. Applewood can make custom heating element kits to fit your barn requirements.

How is the Applewood Automatic Watering System installed? 2 holes are drilled for the mounting bolts and an access hole is cut for the water line. It bolts to the stall wall with 2 bolts. The flexible water line exits the bottom of the water bowl and goes through the access hole in the stall wall. An access hole cover plate, included, goes over the access hole to finish the installation. The water line is connected to an available water supply via standard fittings. The electric line which follows the water line, is plugged into an electrical outlet or directly to a hard wired junction box.

Will my horse learn how to drink from it? No problem. Most horses will immediately use the Applewood Automatic Watering System. When first introducing your horse, press the stainless steel paddle with your hand and fill the bowl to the top. You horse will quickly realize that is his source of water and happily drink from it. When reaching the bottom, some will be a little surprised at first when the water fills the bowl. It makes a familiar sound when it fills, similar to a hose filling a bucket, so most horses donít give it a thought.

How do I order Applewood Automatic Watering Systems? It may be a good idea to call and get assistance with your configurations so you get your order right the first time. If you want to ask questions, or are ready to order Applewood Automatic Watering Systems for your barn, contact Applewood Farm.

What about a Warrantee? The Applewood Automatic Watering System comes with a 2 year warrantee that covers parts and labor. We will either repair or replace any of our watering systems that fail to perform due to a manufacturing or materials defect. We are confident you will be satisfied with your Applewood Automatic Watering Systems.


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