Boarding Rates

Boarding program is closed as of March 1, 2014

Monthly Board, premium feed: $ 1095
Monthly Board, special feed $ 1125
Daily Board: $ 45
Monthly Stall  Holding Fee: $ 350
Daily Stall holding fee: $ 15
Ring Fees: $ 20
Monthly Camper: $ 200
Daily Camper: $ 15
Monthly board includes premium feed and hay 3 times a day, daily turnout with bells & boots, clean stall, shavings, night check, private tack closet, and use of facilities 7 days a week. 

The Monthly Board with Special Feed rate applies when requested special feeds cost more than our standard premium feeds.

Most of our boarding clients come and go at the beginning of the month. Monthly board applies to whole months starting at the first of the month only.

For short stays or partial months, the daily rate applies, and in a given month, shall not exceed the monthly rate.

Monthly board is due at the first of every month and is past due after the 7th.  Daily board is due upon arrival for short stays.

Holding fee daily rate apples to short absences or partial months, but shall not exceed the monthly rate.

Ring fees apply only to those who are not currently boarding and are due upon arrival.

Camper fees apply as long as the camper is on the premises.

Rates are usually adjusted in April of every year.

Please contact Brad or barn manager if you have questions.



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