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Alpharetta, GA April 26, 2005

Applewood Event:

Please join us for a clinic with:

 Jurgen Hofler

 April 29, 30, May 1, 2,  2005  8:30 a.m.

Auditors welcome for a fee of $20.00

 (including lunch)

 Please contact Inge Bledel at 404.237.2734 for more information and to reserve ride times.  For directions to Applewood farm please email or call 770.663.4075

Many thanks to our sponsors who will be providing lunches and morning coffee & cookies for the event:

Gigi Thompson BleuHorse Ventures Ltd

Lisa Seger of Markel Insurance Company

Heidi Nel of Heidi’s Heavenly Cookies


Jurgen Hofler

  Since 2000, Jurgen Hofler has been coming to Atlanta to instruct riders in dressage, and the number of participants at his clinics has steadily increased.

  Jurgen was born in 1973 in Villingen/Schwennigen, the Black Forest area of southern Germany.  Since early childhood he has been exposed to horses and riding at his parents riding facility.  As a successful member of the eventing/jumping teams at regional level and of the Province of Baden-Wurtemburg, he was invited by Rudiger Schwarz, the federal trainer, to continue his training with the German Olympic Committee for Riding (DOKR) at their headquarters in Warendorf.

  After a year of training in Warendorf, the legendary “Reitmeister” Willi Schulteis insisted that he join his dressage stable. WIlli Schultheis was Germany’s most successful dressage instructor and federal trainer, having been German champion thirteen times and winner of the Hamburg Dressage Derby perhaps ten times.  “Reitmeister” is a title bestowed upon those who have trained fifty or more grand prix horses competing internationally with high scores.  Past recipients included Johann Hinnemann and Herbert Rehbein.  Jurgen also trained with Rudolf Zeilinger and George Theodorescu.

Since 1993 Jurgen has been training independently horses and riders to grand prix.  In January 2000 he established a partnership with Heinrich Schulte-Frohlinde and moved to Ludinghausen, near Munster, where he is training horses in dressage only.

  Jurgen was certified by the German Riding School of the North-Rhine Westphalian Langestut (stud) in Warendorf as a “Bereiter (FN)” in March 2001 and as a “Pferdewirtschaftsmeister” in February 2002. With both certificates Jurgen received high scores and was also awarded the “Stensbek Plaque” for outstanding achievement.  With these certificates he now has a number of young riders apprenticing with him, who also handle his horses when he is away at clinics in Germany, Sweden, and the United States.


 Experience Achievement.

Enjoy Dressage.

Visit Applewood.



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