Trainers at Applewood


At Applewood Farm we are pleased to have a number of trainers available for you to work with. While training is not required as a condition for boarding, we encourage our boarders to take advantage of these resources. Some of these trainers board horses with us and are here working on a daily basis.  Others are at nearby farms and come in to teach scheduled lessons.  Either way it is easy to set up the lessons you want with the trainer you want.
Riders who are not boarding at Applewood are also encouraged and welcome to contact these trainers and make arrangements to trailer-in for scheduled lessons in our arenas.  After signing Applewood release forms and registering your Coggins and vaccinations records with our manager on your first visit, the lessons you want are just a short haul away.  Please contact the trainer directly to make arrangements.  An Applewood facility use ring fee applies for all trailer-in lessons.



Trainers available at Applewood





Paula Dunson





Allison Faso,





Adam Lastowka






Karen McGoldrick,








Gigi Nutter







Kim Schisler,






Roel Theunissen,






Lauren Weil,


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